2017 It’s A Wrap!

2017 is about over and 2018 is coming in! I’m one to say that as for music and us independent artists are looking forward to more opportunities then ever before in my opinion. So many different places to go to, so many ways to promote yourself out to millions of other people and keep growing! If I could just say one thing that concerns me is how so many stream sites aren’t paying artists like they deserve with non-exclusive streaming and more effort to profit. Understand that more artists are paid more influence to push your brand will but big brand companies don’t care about that!

I do think that you could become a serious you tube star and make your money like that and monetize and that takes all day work lol! Stream your album in stores everywhere and make like 3 figures to 100 with 1 mill views on Spotify like what the fuck is that! Sell your album? Who wants to buy an album when music is free lol!! Yes some might buy your album because it’s a hobby but your not a major artist so there’s no way you could make a living off that. Last but not least the most profitable case for streaming music is musicoin.org which is the future! You know maybe these things will flourish in the future and become more profitable but it would take a while and as things get faster, I predict that music would have to be on faster basis!
Keep yourself going though you don’t have to go into bars and hole in the wall places no more to get discovered but go into different groups on Facebook and social media apps. Push traffic through hard work twittering and putting out your album cover on Instagram making yourself known in front of thousands to reach to millions. Using your own style of work on how you can get yourself from point A to point B and the hustle you have as an artist. My way has worked for me to reach many people like you through networking and determination to get from one place in this field to another. You see I have a website which is the main core of a producer’s business and can be a viable tool for music artists and of course record labels!

So with 2017 coming to an end what can I say? Look forward to things changing and adapt to them. Know that no sound will last forever and if it does that sound will change into something different. Keep on the fast pace because things and technology is only getting faster and last but not least…. Keep getting your brand out there to as many people as possible!!

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