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In 2017 technology has changed the approach on getting yourself into a fan base. Honestly my theory is that its much easier to find that door to the spotlight. Networking its easy you can do it on your phone the thing is to know what your doing, who to dm, your comments, hash taggs are good to use as well.

Always check on your people you made purchases, put them on your mailing list, comment on they’re status, see what they about, like they’re music, and it’s easy. You can stay up all day and night doing this its nothing to it once you know what your doing.

There are many ways to learn how to start marketing yourself online earning simple knowlage on how to sell beats online, or get your name out there as a music artist. Me personally I have used youtube, facebook, twitter, and soundcloud to help get connections to different artists and people. It always seems that a lot of people who do this kind of thing dont always seem to not know everything that they are doing, or that they’re doing it the wrong way.

If you have noticed I have been updating this blog because I feel like it is most important on here to not mislead you. So I myself have been using this free time I had to learn more about marketing for this is a very touchy subject on here. Marketing is like business it can go two ways, win or lose the thing is to win because nobody wamts to lose. Thats where stratagy comes in, it is more important in this matter at hand to how your stratagy goes and if it’s truly going to work or not. Then there is the part of changing that we all must do, try something new, do something the other way around, and gravatate your stratagy to where it works for you

Onegood thing is to do what i’m doing now set up a website, set it up with ads on google, get your audiance, products, and music on one page. This would be your main source for people to reach out and or connect with you. More your fanbase grows the more your recognised and the more close you are to where you need to be

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