What influences me the most

The thing that influences me the most to do what I do for my spare time is the love for music. Its not all about the money even though people have made it that way with lame music with the right budget getting on the airstream and the talented having not enough to go as far as promoting. Ofcourse people should earn wealth with music but what im saying is that there is so much garbage out there thats been coming out since the begining of y2k.

I know what there is so much talent out there is also waisted talent, people who think they can just record a song, prey for it to go platonum, put no effort into even promoting it free (yes you can) to get a buzz. When you know nobody in music, you wasn’t born with a old school uncle who was a star and has connections then you have to work for your rep.

I look at it like this, I have started my website recently and growing from the ground up and when you build something from the ground up you never want it to fall down. Things can slow up you always hear about one hit wonders who made that one hit for nothing because they just signed a contract. You always have people who have busted theyre ass to get somewhere and never succeed. There could now be one reason, they dont know nobody so what should you do?

Promoting is hard if you dont know what your doing, if you dont use the right tactics, if you dont learn, and if your not on to it that often. Ive made mistakes, took losses and learned from them. A good way is to go to them and not vice versa, you get a whole lot more of attention if you DM people then posting something they would probably scroll past on your timeline. Why not try to sell your song or album off of a d.m to people or sell beats and products you will see more results,

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