The New Era

With 2017 here today we are going to soo be to the point where the music era changes and the music that we did before would be considered as classics or just old. Ofcourse we will see successful people who will still be doing they’re projects like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Eminem but who do you think of this era would it be??? It’s true that we have waaaay more failures then winners, that it’s not easy, you got to put your money where you mouth is and put up with a bunch of ass holes like you were stuck in a box office in a 9 to 5 that never ends.

Always have to know that when it comes to this business it’s not all about “oh i made a track this is easy I think i’m going to drop a song next week and try to go from there”. If your thinking like that you need to just quit, or get you a reality check because it’s not just the music that is important it’s also about pro,oting yourself. Do you have the money to have people promote for you, or cash to burn on advertising on facebook (which is a hit and miss). No you don’t more than likely.

At we make make things benofficiol for you nobody gets left behind here success will determine how far you go towards it but no matter what you will still have your place in success here be sure to subscribe to the page and thank you for the time to read this blog

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