Till beats do us part



Till beats do us part

It used to be that you knew what your roots were, understood your place in society and adjusted to where you fit in society, at least that is how society intended for us to exist. When the social order is rearranged and reconstructed , myths are debunked and ignorance is exterminated, and all that we are left with as a society is the task of managing expectations. In a world where Donald Trump is America’s president elect, musically speaking anything is possible. As lovers of music here at polarbeats.com , we aspire to be a catalyst for a new dynamic approach to the production of music, how we relate and treat our clients, music artists and the next generation of aspiring music greats. The democratization of hiphop as a cultural commodity , has led to the blurring of racial lines, religious lines, commercial lines, and lastly economic lines. One has to be utterly ignorant and misinformed to not know or at least have an idea of the impact of hiphop in todays society, Hiphop lives forever, ” until beats do us part ” , meaning music is not going anywhere, long live hiphop in all its facets.

Now that it has been established that Music and hiphop will live forever, what next for us at polarbeats.com ? With this realization in mind, we at polarbeats.com , have adopted new ways of serving our potential clients and their musical production needs, ” until beats do us part ” , we at polarbeats.com , have decided that the best thing that we can do for our aspiring artists and customers is, manage clients expectations , manage clients expectations , manage clients expectations. In today’s music environment and the age and maturity level of music artists, to succeed in the art of music beat procurement , a music beat producer such as Polarbeats.com , has to evolve in their business models, thought processes , and beat procurement and delivery systems. ” Until beats do us part ” ( As long as we have rappers, aspiring musicians etc ), the only way to build and scale our business and improve the situation of our clients, is by managing our clients expectations, managing our clients expectations, managing our clients expectations.

So ” Until beats do us part ” we at polarbeats.com , will manage our clients, expectations by

1) Be Honest From The Get-Go. Though it may sound counterintuitive , polarbeats.com , always tell potential new clients in the very first initial conversation about possibly working together that there are no guarantees. As with most things in life, there are too many factors at play to make any grandiose promises. Polarbeats.com , can’t predict whether an artist, rapper will like a pitch, or a beat or even whole complete soundtrack. Although it may feel uncomfortable, I think that saying this clearly and in no uncertain terms, positions the client to take a leap of faith in your work and also helps them to understand the process behind your work.

2) Under promise – Over deliver. This old adage is one we live by at Polarbeats.com , we promise my clients that they will have immediate & constant access to us and our team; that we will, every day, work on their behalf to help them reach their goals and identify practical cost cutting means to save them money as we deliver on their orders.

3) Anticipate the Client’s Needs Before They Know Their Own Need. This one definitely takes time and practice, but think about it: no one knows clients and music artistic types like we do. We at polarbeats.com , know the mindset of these types of people, they are overachievers with dreams and goals that have to be managed in a realistic way. We know that they have millions of things to do and they either just do not have the time to market themselves efficiently, or they do not know how, or in the other worst case scenario, the have unrealistic demands for specialized services, but do not have the ability to pay for the products and services that they are demanding. At Polarbeats.com , we strive to anticipate the clients artists needs before they even know their own needs. We know when things are going great and when we need to ramp up our efforts. It’s so important to share that with a client through a simple email stating “I’m going to spend extra time this week working on your project – I really want to get you out there as much as you do.” It can go a long way.

4) Constant Communication. We at polarbeats.com , recognize that, if you’re in the service industry of any kind, that is what you do – serve. That means being bubbly, bright and (almost) always available. While of course it’s important to set boundaries so that you can maintain a rewarding personal life, it’s critical that your clients know they can gain access to you as needed. Hopefully just knowing you’re available and ready to jump on a project as needed will be enough so that your client’s won’t abuse your generousity with time.

5) Reports. We at polarbeats.com , recognize that, reports are not anyone’s favorite task during the week, but reports show a clear delineation of work that was done over the course of a week or month. Remember – reports don’t have to be very long, or in a format that clogs up a lot of your time. A simple email detailing tasks completed for the week shows your clients what they’re paying for, and thus, keeps them happy. Hopefully, by following these steps, we will be on a road to an even better relationship with our clients. By following this process, polarbeats.com , will most likely achieve better results for our clients and music artists that we serve.

Making a beat for your artist is just the first part of the puzzle, one now has to market that beat and stand out from millions of other hungry artists. At polarbeats.com , we stick with our strengths, which is providing practical promotional solutions to our customers. For further information about our artist promotional packages after beat production, please contact us at , http://www.polarbeats.com , 470-440-1132

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