It’s gonna be one hell of a ride


It’s gonna be one hell of a ride

As a beat producer here at , one of my biggest pet peeves when I work with prospective artists that consult with me for music beat stylings is a poor mindset on the part of some artists or clients. Do not misunderstand me, this is not a negative commentary about my clients. Trust me I am grateful for my clients, this is just an observation that I am making based on my experiences working with various musically inclined and talented artistic types. What do I mean poor mindset? In my case I am sad to say that I am always witnessing an odd phenomenon when working with artists. The dynamic always goes somewhat like this, here comes the talent, then his band members, entourage and his muscle. The appointment had been made way in advance, the block of time required for the beatmaking consultation session blocked off and paid for, but the artist and his extension of handlers arrive almost 2 hours late into the appointed time and the time is about to expire, and the next guy who paid his money for his beatmaking consultation session is ready for his session on time.

Stay with me for a second, the other artist who was late without notice, only has five minutes left out of his time allotment, but demands for his session even though he was almost 2 hours late to begin with, and is now upset and is ready to fight unless He is accommodated. We have all been there when you see the emerging star rapper and everyone that he has ever know is jockeying for a seat at the table, so that they can eat when the dude blows up one day. In today’s music industry environment, if you think that your job is just to make beats and sell beats to a talented up and coming rapper and that’s it, you are sadly mistaken. Being a beatmaker in today’s environment requires a real deep understanding of the music industry, the mindset of the artist and the ability to predict your clients needs and assess potential outcomes for your client, as they pursue their career. Never assume that they artist knows what they are doing, always ask questions. Questions such as, what marketing strategy will you be using to market your music? Who will be handling your interactions online?

What type of visual aesthetic do you envision for your musical persona online? What types of music are you attracted to? Who normally handles the tasks that come with promoting your brand? What is your video marketing plan? How do you intend to exploit the power of youtube to gain more market share for your brand? Whats the point of all these questions? When you are dealing with an unrecognized talent who is yet to make a name for themselves, you have to offer them more than just beatmaking services, you will be surprised how many talented artists assign tasks to people in their inner circle that have no idea how to perform the tasks assigned to them. Why would you appoint your boy who just got out of jail to handle your social media presence, if he does not even know what the four large social media networks are? Does it make sense to appoint a person with a hot temper as your promotions manager, and then wonder why no one ever wants to book you for a performance at their establishment.

At ,  we strive to work with the up and coming rappers and talented musical individuals, while offering more than just the production of beats, and selling of tunes. This is more than just a money game for us at ,  we understand the terrain that the up and coming artist has to traverse, on his way to becoming the next huge superstar. We offer reasonably priced solutions to help the up and coming artist to get to the next level that they are trying to get to. , 470-440-1132

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