A new promotional paradigm in the beatmaking arena


A new promotional paradigm in the beatmaking arena

Beat making and promotion is very difficult in general because that means a lot of work, but our situation at Polarbeats.com and the state in which the music industry finds itself, makes my job as a Beat maker and beat creator , manager that much harder , although that much more rewarding. I do a lot of things for my potential artist, rapper, client and sometimes the time I have is just not enough. As a professional beat maker producer these days you have to maximize the multiple revenue streams, find new ones and constantly adapt your strategy based on the many changes that the online and offline mediums have to offer. That’s not easy at all if you take into consideration just the changes that are going on daily. To be a successful beatmaker, you have to be strategic and open minded to survive.

Beatmakers, music producers have been forced to adapt and morph into more than just being a beatmaker. In order for you to be a successful beat producer, you also have to be a professional consultant, confidant and concierge to your client. Just because you can create a beat does not mean that you are guaranteed clients, beatmakers and music producers come by the thousands. As I grow and master the nuances of the industry and the needs of my clients, My appreciation for the plight of the artist and the need to deliver for my clients, has made me become a better business person. Polarbeats.com , is changing the way we relate and serve our clients, we embrace the artist, listen to them and get to know them on a deeper level. Our approach to beatmaking goes further than just producing a beat and selling it to the artist.

All artists need promotion, but they need common sense practical solutions that save them money as well. Polarbeats.com , is open to offering a comprehensive package to the customer that goes further than just selling a beat to the customer. The normal way of promoting the artist’s music by posting free music all over the internet indiscriminately without a plan just does not work. Handing out free mixtapes and tons of brochures at clubs and dingy business establishments, is not good business strategy. We love street teams and other means of promotion for artists who need to get their music heard, but use of street teams only attracts dishonest employees who are only out to get paid for distributing fliers on a piecemeal paid basis.  

Making a beat for your artist is just the first part of the puzzle, one now has to market that beat and stand out from millions of other hungry artists. At polarbeats.com we stick with our strengths, which is providing practical promotional solutions to our customers. For further information about our artist promotional packages after beat production, please contact us at , http://www.polarbeats.com , 470-440-1132

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