A Beatmakers reflection

A Beatmakers reflection

Every aspiring beatmaker, rapper , music producer has aspirations, waking up in the middle of the night with cold sweats dreaming and envisioning their name scrolling down the credits in the soundtrack of some block buster movie. Every beatmaker , rapper , music producer has had that dream only to wake up disappointed and stressed out, not knowing where to go with that dream. Many have come to realize that spending time scanning other professionals who are already on their grind getting their share of the bread, will not get them anywhere. It makes not sense being the most talented beatmaker , artist , etc if you have no audience and have no clue about what it takes to market yourself as an artist, producer , beatmaker or whatever other monika, that you decide to use. Lets be real how many talented rappers, artists , beat makers , name them are broke and depressed hoping and waiting to blow up. This is a jungle out here.

Before you can envision record deals and 6 figure deal recording contracts hitting your inbox, and picture some mega artist like Jayz opening for you, because you have arrived, its time for a reality check. Promoting music online is not for the weak, the constant need to feed the beast and while praying that you catch a break, will break even the most toughest hustler. That irritating sound that irks you when the cash register spits out the coins at the gas station when you can hardly afford a hotdog is the sound of reality. Wake up, you were in a dream. And if you are the mega talented unkown artist, reading this, struggling to compete with tons of artists online, who are just as hungry as you are, what is an artist to do?

Do not think that your talent alone will get doors open for you. You need to focus on reinventing your thinking. Beatmaking is not just our expertise, we are more than just talent processors at Polarbeats.com, Bigger blogs that churn out tons of content is not always a guarantee that you will obtain ” name recognition “. Swimming uphill kills fish, it wears them out and it kills them. An unknown artist, is the toughest of all to market. At Polarbeats.com , we approach beat making an artist exposure on a holistic level, the industry has changed dramatically. For artists with no name, it means that you have no traffic generating potential and the truth of the matter is, if you keep going down that route, it will only lead to hole in the wall poolroom performances with little or no earning potential. If you are hustling we want to work with you, at Polarbeats.com we work with you we work with you to package you the right way, consult with you and help you devise a plan of success. Remember handing out tons of Mixtapes and DVD’s at the club and not getting anywhere just generated a ton of trash for the city that you live in and for your promoter.

Of course you are withing your rights to hire a PR team and pay a ton money that you do not have. Lack of planning results in lack of results, give Polarbeats.com a chance and let us come up with a success plan to not only just make the beat for your next mega hit, but also a plan to help you get massive exposure without it costing you an arm leg and a hipbone.

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